Business Enquiries

Love Duchess is continuously expanding our business line, we welcome any valuable partnership and wholesaling. For any requests, suggestions or inquiries, you are welcome to contact us at We are looking forward to hearing your ideas!

If you are looking to be featured on Love Duchess Social Media Platform, please contact us at and don’t forget to tell us something about yourself!


What We Value


Growth Mindset
We’re willing to take on projects and initiatives that may make us feel uncomfortable. We tolerate and encourage inevitable failures that come with trying something new.
Giving A Sh** About Our Customers

We put our customers first. In everything.

The better we share learnings amongst ourselves, the more effective we will be as a team. We’re all about building trust as a team and trust between our company and customers.

Deep Work
We’re all about being extremely candid with each other to help us improve. We give honest feedback (positive or negative) with the intent to help others improve rapidly, and do not take things personally.
We do the work that creates the most value for ourselves and others (both the team and customers).

If we’re not enjoying ourselves on our journey, then what’s the point?