About Us

Inspired by the beauty of self care and the power of intelligent design, Love Duchess is the next step in the evolution of personal care accessories for individuals. What better way to do this than with our amazing and innovative Magic Comb Massager that instills confidence, and a bigger smile through the day.

Love Duchess Co-CEOs, Emily S. and Adrian I., launched Love Duchess as two individuals after they saw a gap in the self-care accessories marketplace: there were plenty of luxury brands, but none that offered high quality, and versatile accessories at an accessible price point. More than that, self care products that had a voice and that resulted in achieving the smooth and comfortable lifestyle individuals wanted. These two unstoppable innovators joined forces to create the Love Duchess brand in 2019 in the heart of New York, NY.

At Love Duchess, we curate accessories that inspires women to stay smiling and instill confidence; whether that means going out on a weekend on that date, or having to get ready to present at work.


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